Working with some of the biggest companies , OPTEL has consistently received votes of confidence and endorsements for a wide range of executives over the years.

Connect with us today and experience the OPTEL advantage.

Mr. Ebb Hinchliffe

Executive Director, Amcham Philippines

Having known and worked with Don Felbaum for over 20 years and over the years one thing stands out. Don Felbaum (and thus OPTEL ) is the first person I think of when the Chamber is asked for a referral to someone that can help them start a business related to the IT business. He is the gold standard. He is the most connected individual in the Philippines. If Don doesn’t have a solution he certainly knows someone who does.

Never sure where Don gets the energy. He sits on the AmCham Board as well as chairs, not one but two of our committees. Chairing the ICT committee and the Healthcare committee is no easy teak, yet Don has turned both into the two largest committees of our 20 various committees.

Hats off to Don and OPTEL!!

Mark Lwin

CEO, AIG Philippines Insurance, Inc.

OPTEL provides their clients and business partners with an unparalleled level of first-hand experience in the Philippines’ ICT industry. For several decades Don has been a pioneer in the Philippines and has been instrumental in the growth of the IT and IT-enabled sectors of the economy. This experience provides clients with keen insights into setting up as a new entrant or expanding existing business operations into new directions or services.

OPTEL’s support accelerates a business plan, resulting in a faster payback period, as well as substantially reduces the execution risk of operating overseas or in a new environment.

Robert Sears

Director, American Desk at the Board of Investments (BOI)

I had the privilege of knowing from way back 27 years ago (1992) through a common friend. Don is a well-known personality in the telecommunications industry with an excellent reputation. He is a man of integrity and delivers results. I would never hesitate to do business with Don or recommend him should the opportunity arise.

Marife Zamora

Chairwoman, Convergys

I have known Don for a number of years now. We both sat in the AmCham Board. He is a respected figure in IT/BPM and the telco sectors. He is a hands-on executive with a network of industry professionals under his tutelage.

Don has that deep sense of empathy and compassion for everything around him, always imagining a better future for everyone.

Sheila Lobien

Chair, ECCP Women in Business Committee
CEO, Lobien Realty Group

OPTEL, through Don Felbaum, has been very instrumental in my professional growth and major business decisions. For companies which wish to do or grow their business in the Philippines, it will be good to have Don on your corner. Don has a very deep knowledge of Philippine social and business dynamics, making his insights very valuable when making major business decisions. He also has the necessary connections and business relationships which are very important to succeed in the Philippines.

Peter Maquera

SVP, Head of Enterprise Group, Globe Business

I have known Don for many years both in the BPO Sector as well as Telecom Sector. His track record, experience, and country knowledge permit him to support his clients and to navigate the local landscape in a timely and professional manner. For a new entrant to the Philippines, Don is the man to visit first.

Tony Razon

CEO, VFP Business Support Services Inc.

I have work with OPTEL, Ltd. and its Managing Founder – Don Felbaum, for the last 11 years beginning in 2007 up to the present when I set up and organized First Capital’s Philippine subsidiary office in Manila from 2008-2012, and Veritas Financial Partners’ Philippine operations from 2012 – current. The company helped identify our potential offices, introduced me to executive recruiters, and opened up links with accounting and law firms.

OPTEL, Ltd. is quite well known in the business community and Don is the best contact for any foreign company intending to open an office in the Philippines.

Being one of the most respected executive members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, Don is an exceptionally astute professional and very well connected not only in Manila but across Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe, and the U.S.A. where is originally from. I would definitely entrust to Don my business operations in the Philippines.

Virgilio Pena

Former Chairman of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT)

I have worked with OPTEL and Don Felbaum during my days with the Commission on ICT (now DICT ). OPTEL provided us with valuable information on the state of the telecoms infrastructures in the country at that time. They also provided the existing landscape of the ICT/BPO industry during its infancy stage.  It helped us in developing the ICT blueprint that continues to be used by the DICT in fulfilling its mandate as a department. Congratulations to OPTEL.

Jon E. Kaplan

President, TeleDevelopment Services

Don Felbaum, founder of OPTEL.  Who does not know Don? Don assisted TeleDevelopment in our pre-entry into the Philippines in 2003. Through Optel’s guidance, Don guided me through his “White Board” exercises on my options for market entry and best-suggested approach. I started with one desk in Optel’s office at that time in Discovery Suites in 2004 and now 15 years later I still seek his guidance and professional advice.

Don Felbaum will forever be my Filipino mentor!

Francis G. Estrada

Chairman , Institute of Corporate Directors

“I have known and (in various capacities) have done business with OPTEL in general, and Don Felbaum in particular, for over 20 years. They have been reliable partners and service providers over a broad range of projects and interests.

The firm’s domain expertise/DNA has the unmistakable mark of what used to be called ‘IT’. That has however evolved to include the BPO and KPO sectors, executive recruitment support, management support services and general management advice for international companies interested in establishing Philippine operations.

Don and the OPTEL team understand local conditions very well, have an excellent network of local professional and business relations and take pride in delivering quality service intelligently, professionally and with integrity. That has been my experience.

I have no reservation in endorsing Don and OPTEL to companies that require their services.

James “Jim” Donovan

President, CEO and Co-Founder, ADEC Innovations

Since the founding of ADEC Innovations in 1996, OPTEL has been a vital partner in its establishment and global growth. Providing strategic business advisory services and valuable business development opportunities, OPTEL has contributed to the growth of the ADEC Innovations global enterprise, in both scale and diversity.

Currently, the organization has approximately 3,500 people in X countries across 5 continents, providing ESG data solutions, software solutions, and professional services.

No matter how complex our business challenges are, OPTEL has the capabilities and experience to deliver strategic advice that helps the business move forward and ADEC Innovations Management to take decisive action.