OPTEL has unmatched experience in the ICT/BPO and Technology Sectors. If you’re seeking a way to enter the country in a timely, professional and cost-effective basis – OPTEL is the right partner for you.

The Advisory firm that provides support to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector. OPTEL’s experience includes a wide range of clientele including operators, vendors, service providers and investors who are planning to either establish a presence or expand their business.

OPTEL’s clientele includes multinational firms that need an experienced support team to pursue their new endeavors. And its track record combines its broad commercial and technical knowledge in the ICT sector to provide its clientele with the very best support available in pursuing new business opportunities.

Over the last twenty (20+) plus years, OPTEL has played a visible role in the development of both the Telecom Sector and the BPO Sector in the Philippines. In addition, OPTEL has provided various support services to the offshore and outsourcing (O&O) sector, including the publishing of a comprehensive IT-enabled services report.

Some of OPTEL’s services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Providing business development services
  • Providing support services for entry into the Country/Markets
  • Supporting equity investments on both buy and sell side
  • Assisting with advocacy programs


Don is the Managing Director of OPTEL, a boutique ICT Advisory firm he started in 1989. The company supports its clients in outsourcing ICT, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, government interface and advocacy assignments.

Don’s many years of diversified experience have helped many clients in the areas of general management, business development, strategic planning, and corporate directorship.

He, also, has a proven track record in the Asia Pacific Region. Further, Mr. Felbaum has lived and worked in Manila, Philippines for over twenty (20+) years.

Don participated on the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (AMCHAM), Advisor to the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), and members of other esteemed organizations including the institute of Corporate Directors (ICD).


OPTEL’s Managing Director and Principal, Don Felbaum, has built perhaps the strongest and certainly significant relationships with the movers and shakers of the business landscape in the Philippines and has connectivity on a Global basis.

Don is a member of a number of influential groups and organizations. His connectivity to some organizations include, but not limited, to the following:

American Chamber of Commerce

Incorporated in 1920, the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (AmCham) has been striving to contribute to the Philippine economic growth for the socioeconomic development of the Filipinos.

Its service has long started as the Manila Coffee Round Table (1902) and later as the Manila Merchants Association. Although with different names, the Chamber’s commitment did not waver through time. It has been true to its commitment of developing and looking after the welfare of American businesses in the Philippines.

Australian – New Zealand Chamber of Commerce

It is the Australian – New Zealand Chamber’s objective to become a highly effective organization that visibly supports and promotes business relationships between the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. Thus, we are proud to be recognized as one of the oldest and most active Chambers in the country.

With constant communication with our members and affiliate organizations in the government and public sector, we hope to develop and maintain a strong partnership and cooperation with people and industries that are instrumental in the growth and promotion of the economy, businesses, and trade.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (CanCham) was established in 1989. It is incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines as a non-profit organization.

CanCham’s mission is to represent, support, and promote Canada-Philippines business interests.

Membership is open to Canadian, Philippine, and other third country corporations and individuals that have Canada-Philippines business interests. The membership includes large multinational corporations, small and medium business enterprises, and persons involved in a whole range of business activities including international trade, investment, and labor mobility.

European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

The ECCP is a bilateral foreign chamber that promotes European interests in the Philippines and vice versa. With nearly 800 members, the ECCP offers a strong business network that holds great potential in translating to tangible business opportunities. It is a unique organization that offers membership as well as professional business services to members and clients.

As a membership organization, the ECCP is proud to have close to 800 members amongst its ranks. The chamber provides a wide variety of services to its member companies, individuals and organizations and strives to make its members’ viewpoint heard on economic and business issues, legislative measures and administrative regulations. The ECCP identifies business opportunities, facilitates business contacts, and provides market intelligence research for European and Philippine companies alike. The ECCP keeps its members informed through its digital channels, publications, and e-newsletters.

Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines

The Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) is the enabling association for the information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) industry in the Philippines. IBPAP serves as the one-stop information and advocacy gateway for the industry. With over 300 industry and support-industry members, including six partner associations—the Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc., Contact Center Association of the Philippines, Game Developers Association of the Philippines, Global In-House Center Council, Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines, and Philippine Software Industry Association—IBPAP plays a pivotal role in sustaining rapid growth of the IT-BPM industry by working to ensure an enduring supply of high-quality labor, supporting service innovation, and providing country visibility.

IBPAP assists investors in setting up operations easily and quickly in the Philippines. Relevant research, introductions to key government and industry officials, and a series of briefings at each step of the investment process ensure a seamless development process. Ongoing support is provided through a wide variety of initiatives, including programs such as Industry-Academe partnerships, research & knowledge sharing, HR development, business development, and networking opportunities.

Institute of Corporate Directors

Raising the bar on corporate governance, the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) is a non-stock, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the professionalization of Philippine corporate directorship by raising the level of corporate governance policy and practice to world-class standards.

ICD is a learned society composed of over 300 professional directors practicing ethical governance.  ICD’s Fellows and Members are committed to a shared vision of a transformed corporate governance ecosystem that bears the fruits of corporate and individual social responsibility.

 Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Philippines

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Philippines is a non-profit organization founded in November 1973.

The Chamber exists to promote mutual friendship among member companies entering the Philippines and to provide for their smooth entry and operations. The  Chamber carries out such functions as providing information, cooperating with members and assisting them in dealing with business matters and obstacles, as well as resolving issues.

Korean Chamber of Commerce Philippines

For several years, a growing number of foreign investors have either moved or established their businesses in the Philippines. The trend was brought about by efforts of the Philippine government to continuously create an investor-friendly climate in the country.

A significant majority of these investors are Koreans who at present are among the top investors in the country.

To be able to cater to the growing population of Korean business in the Philippines, several Korean individuals found the need to establish a proper organization that would best assist the sector. Thus, in February 1994, a representative from the different Korean associations in the Philippines agreed to form the Korean Chamber of Commerce Philippines, Inc.

The Korean Chamber of Commerce Philippines, Inc. (KCCP) is a private, non-stock organization composed of corporations, trade associations, private business persons and/or individuals who are engaged in/with Korean corporations and individuals in the Philippines.

Pacific Telecommunications Council

The Pacific Telecommunications Council is recognized as the global non-profit membership organization promoting the advancement of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the Pacific Rim, the most dynamic geography of the world, spanning over 40 nations.

PTC is at the nexus of two of the most important trends on the senior leadership agenda today: the rise of the networked digital society and the exponential economic growth in Asia and beyond.

Philippine Association of Multinational Companies Regional